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Whistle is the high-end brand from Atala Spa with carbon fiber road bikes and mountain bikes.

Whistle bikes.


Evaluation means transforming , change, researching the best or the most adaptable solution.


It is an uphill path where each step is taller than the previous one, that is what nature has shown us and taught us.


Evolution is often unperceivable, at times it is a feeling, each step is a step forward leading to something new, more suitable and appropriate.


This has always been the vision and the philosophy underlying Whistle, step a little higher systematically search for improvement, never forget your emotions.


Our emotions are the cornerstone of our daily work and of our passion for bikes.


The new Whistle bike range fully and strongly conveys our willpower and our ongoing quest for new materials, design, solutions and ideas than can lead to real.

Whistle …….the next evolution.




Whistle statement:

To contact us :

Phone: 00356 21 677389



Safety/Whistle Frame Monocoque


The WFM project was born and has developed completely in Italy where safety and reliability, apart from having permeated throughout the project, from the selection of materials right through to the production process, the definition of geometries and cycling solutions, are constantly checked.
All frames from the WFM range comply with the new European CEN Standards on the safety of bicycles published on 1/12/2006 in the Official Journal of the European Union: Standard EN 14781 for Racing bicycles and Standard EN 14766 for MTB’s.
These standards define the levels of quality to be satisfied (such as duration and resistance), the relative methods of control and they interpret the general safety obligation defined by the measure 2001/95/CE “General safety of products”. The frames are subject to two fatigue tests in order to check resistance, for at least 10 years, to normal pressure in various conditions of use. Alternating pedalling is simulated in order to put the bottom bracket under pressure. Furthermore, alternating pressure is applied to the fork in order to test the level of stress to the head tube. Impact tests are very important for carbon frames: norms indicate two. One is carried out by subjecting the fork to front impact; the other, by rising up the frame (loaded with distributed weight) and let it fall down with the fork drop- outs on a rigid surface.
Finally, in order to guarantee maximum impartiality and constant controls, our normal internal tests are systematically supported by tests carried out in collaboration with primary external independent authorities and university structures.

Performance cannot exist without safety and reliability.
This is the philosophy of Whistle!